Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 1 Results

Congratulations to the winners for week 1 of the Stair Challenge! 

Cory Hubbard was our individual winner, who won a $25 Gift Card to Wegmans
Masters of Stairs was our winning team, who won meal vouchers for Cafe 601

The top 10 teams this week were as follows:
1. Masters of Stairs
2. Ureteric Buds
3. Terry's Titans
4. Flying Green Monkeys
5. Perfect Strangers
6. Off Like a Prom Dress
7. Those Guys from GI
8. Cardio Cougars
9. The Luscious Ladies and a Lil Side of Pickle
10. A Step Ahead

What a fantastic job all participants have done during our first week of the challenge. The total number of floors climbed by all participants this week was 28,847! 

General tips and reminders:

  • Continue using clickers to keep track of flights climbed. We have been informed that the clickers are sensitive, so be aware of this if you keep them in your pocket. Wear them on your finger for best results.
  • Reporting is based on the honor system. Please continue to be fair to all participants and report only flights climbed during shifts at URMC. 
  • Small steps lead to big change so KEEP ON CLIMBING!

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