Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 2 Results

Congratulations to the winners for week 2 of the Stair Challenge! 

Andrew Buckley was our individual winner, who won a 1-month Well-U Gym Membership
Masters of Stairs was our winning team, who won $25 Wegmans Gift Cards

The top 10 teams this week were as follows:
1. Masters of Stairs
2. Terry's Titans
3. Sisterly Stair Power
4. Ureteric Buds
5. Bust a Move
6. Those Guys from GI
7. Flying Green Monkeys
8. Off Like a Prom Dress
9. Cardio Cougars
10. The Luscious Ladies and a Lil Side of Pickle

Our participants continue to amaze us, with the total number of floors recorded by all participants climbing to 42,511! (This is an increase of 13,664 floors since week 1!)

We asked the Masters of Stairs if they might share their secrets to success with other participants, as they climbed the most number of floors as a team two weeks in a row. Sure enough, these extreme climbers had some encouraging words of wisdom:

"The best advice that we can give is to make sure to stretch... a lot.  There is nothing worse than taking yourself out of the competition by overexerting one day, not stretching enough, and then being too sore to do many stairs for the next day or two.  Furthermore, be sure to stay well hydrated with plenty of electrolytes.  You don't want to cramp up in the middle of running down stairs. If you have some downtime during the day, rather than sitting at your computer surfing the internet go do some sets of stairs.  You'd be surprised how many floors you can get done in your spare time, even in just 10-15 minute windows.  Do that often, and it adds up pretty quickly.  The more you do, the easier it will become in subsequent days/weeks.

P.S. Bring a lot of fruit... we choose apples."

Thanks Masters of Stairs for sharing your advice!

Good news for all participants: we are happy to inform you that we will also be offering prizes for overall let's crank up the competition and keep on climbing!

“A man's health can be judged by which he takes two at a time - pills or stairs.” 
-Joan Welsh

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