Thursday, February 7, 2013


We are so excited that you have decided to take on the challenge of burning calories, not electricity! Teams of 2-5 people are invited to participate in this year's challenge.

To register, team leaders should email the following information to

  • the name and email of the team leader
  • the names and emails of all team members
  • your team's name

Each team member will keep track of how many floors they climb - up AND down - during each work day. (After teams register, team leaders will be directed to a location where they can pick up handheld clickers to make the task of tracking floors a cinch!) They will give this information to their team leader, who is responsible for reporting weekly totals (weeks will run from Saturday-Friday) by clicking on the weekly reporting tabs on the left of the blog. Weekly totals must be submitted by midnight every Friday. Individual and team winners will be notified via email and announced on the blog each Monday. Prizes will be awarded to weekly winners, and grand prizes will be awarded to overall individual and team winners!

Each participant will be given a Be in Balance punch card with two punches upon registration. Each time a participant purchases a Be in Balance meal from Cafe 601, s/he will be given another punch. Each completed punch card equals 10 floors added to your team's total at the end of the challenge!

The URMC Stair Challenge 2013 will run from March 4th-29th.

Join the challenge, and March 4th to a healthier you!

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